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RFID FuseTM Tags

Designed to save money

This is a unique RFID tag for several applications in machinery, transportation and other areas.

The concept is simple: homes, cars and many electronics have fuses built into them to protect against catastrophic failure. When the fuse breaks, it is an indication that something in the system needs attention.

Our RFID FuseTM tag acts in much the same way. When the tag stops working, the user is notified, thus preventing potentially catastrophic failure, and saving perhaps millions of dollars in the process.

The device could be installed in material that physically wears down asphalt, rubber, plastics . . . the small tag is embedded in the material and, when the material is worn down to the tag level, the RFID signal stops, alerting the users that some level of maintenance is required.


Less than 1/2" long

Flexible construction

Uses Alien Higgs 3 IC

Frequency range: UHF band, 860-960 MHz

RF air protocol: EPC Class 1 Gen 2 compliant

512-bit user's memory

Pre-programmed with unique, unalterable 64-bit serial number

32-bit password-protected Access and kill passwords

Over 12' read range in free air; up to 8' read range when embedded (reader dependent)

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