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William Frick & Company Releases Solar Powered UHF RFID Tag with Enable IPC


The new durable UHF tag maintains up to 75 foot read range and comes with Seven-Year Warranty

Valencia, CA - July 26, 2012 - William Frick & Company is pleased to announce that it is the exclusive Americas distributor for the newly developed and released Solar Powered RFID UHF Tag, manufactured with Enable IPC (OTC: EPIC) of Madison, Wis. The tag will be branded as a part of Frick's SmartMark™ product line.

The Solar Powered RFID UHF Tag continuously recharges under any light source, even moonlight, and stores energy in an on-board capacitor. As a result, the tag can also be tracked in the dark for up to 48 hours. Even when it is completely drained of power, it functions as a standard passive UHF tag until it is exposed again to light, where it recharges in as little as two minutes and delivers its extended read performance.

In addition, the durable Solar Powered UHF RFID Tag comes in both metal-mount and standard configurations, each with an industry-leading seven-year warranty. With an Ingress Protection Rating of IP67, the tag withstands dust, dirt and moisture. The polycarbonate shell of the tag is impact-resistant and resists UV rays, harsh chemicals and oils – making it ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.

"We have found that companies would rather not spend the extra time and money it takes to replace tags in hard-to-reach locations every six months or every year, nor do they want to use a tag half the size of a laptop to get a decent read range." Enable IPC CEO David Walker said. "Customers want to place a relatively small RFID tag on an asset and not have to worry about it for half a decade or more."

Enable IPC developed the patent pending tag and sought William Frick & Company's marketing and sales expertise to distribute the tag. Both firms look forward to combining their respective strengths of technological innovation and product distribution to deliver this innovative solution to consumers.

"We are excited about this product and our partnership with Enable IPC," William Frick & Company President Jeff Brandt said. "I think Enable has developed a product very well-suited for our markets. The extended range, long life and 'Green Power' of this tag will generate a lot of interest. It's a great compliment to our SmartMark™ product line."

The unique combination of features makes the Solar Powered RFID UHF Tag the preferred solution in a variety of industries – including: aerospace, fixed asset management, logistics, and vehicle tracking.

"At William Frick & Company, we deliver products that customers implement more efficient identification and tracking systems," Brandt said. "This RFID tag is yet another product that fills that purpose."

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