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Enable IPC Corporation's SolRayo Potentiostat Systems Offer Several Advantages


Madison, WI - January 21, 2010 - Enable IPC Corporation's (Other OTC: EIPC) subsidiary, SolRayo, Inc., today released details on additional advantages of the Company's new potentiostat systems. SolRayo seeks to provide a level of customization in its potentiostats not previously available to the industry. These highly customizable systems are used for characterization of energy storage and generation devices and in electrochemistry applications.

Multiple Channels Up To 2 Amps

The SolRayo systems offer a wide range of multiple channel choices with maximum current ranges of ±2A continuous, with five current ranges from 200µA to 2A. In addition, the Company offers a low current option with minimum currents in the tens of pA range.


Researchers routinely run complex tests with potentiostat systems that can take hours to complete. SolRayo's system offer a powerful and unique notification feature that can notify the researcher of the testing status via email or text message to a cell phone, increasing efficiency and saving valuable time.

Two Ranges of Economical EIS

SolRayo offers two ranges of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS); the first, available now, has a frequency range up to 100kHz and the second, which the Company plans to introduce in February 2010, will be available in MHz ranges. These features are available at very competitive prices.

Currently, SolRayo has two series of potentiostats available for purchase. The economically priced 1000 series handles between 1 and 17 channels and can accomplish basic potentiostatic and galvanostatic testing. The 2000 series provides up to 14 channels and includes electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) capability up to 100 kHz on each channel.

In February, the top of the line 3000 series will provide up to 6 channels with the same features and options of the 2000 series, but with EIS capability in the MHz range.

To learn about potentiostats, visit the Enable IPC website at:

Initial details on the product can be found on the SolRayo website at:

About SolRayo, Inc.

SolRayo, Inc. ( is a Madison, Wisconsin-based company focused on developing new nanoparticle based materials for use in various renewable energy, industrial, consumer, and automotive applications. The Company is currently working to commercialize an ultracapacitor technology licensed from the University of Wisconsin. In addition to its materials research and development work, the Company introduced its potentiostat/galvanostat equipment products in January 2010. SolRayo is a subsidiary of Enable IPC Corporation.

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Enable IPC ( provides efficient, streamlined strategies for turning technologies into products and bringing them to market. The company is a transparent, fair turnkey partner for sub-licensing and joint development with other companies.

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