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Enable IPC's SolRayo "Ultracapacitors for Off-Grid Solar Energy Applications" Presentation Now Publicly Available


VALENCIA, Calif. – April 6, 2009 – Enable IPC Corporation's (Pink Sheets: EIPC) subsidiary, SolRayo, was recently invited to present on ultracapacitor technology at the Wisconsin Renewable Energy Summit in Milwaukee on March 26th . The presentation, "Ultracapacitors for Off-Grid Solar Energy Applications" made by SolRayo's Chief Technology Officer, Kevin Leonard, and can be found at:

Highlights from the presentation include:

  • A comparison between ultracapacitors and batteries showing that while batteries are better at storing energy, ultracapacitors have higher power density, longer life and lower maintenance costs;
  • Where ultracapacitors are used, such as consumer electronics, transportation and industrial applications;
  • How ultracapacitors can be used in renewable energy systems to level out the load when the wind doesn't blow or the sun doesn't shine;
  • Ideas for using ultracapacitor/battery hybrids and strategies for taking advantage of the best of both technologies; and
  • A summary of the benefits of Enable IPC/SolRayo's ultracapacitor technology, such as lower costs, higher efficiencies and longer life cycles.

Enable IPC's Ultracapacitors Used in High Profile Renewable Energy Project

Enable IPC has recently completed ultracapacitor electrode shipments to IMDEA Energia in Madrid, Spain for a renewable energy demonstration project. The electrodes will be incorporated into a power conditioning unit by IMDEA and Green Power, a Spain-based renewable energy manufacturer, for a demonstration as part of the SA2VE project -- a Spanish government-sponsored program focused on new energy solutions, particularly relating to "green" power. If the project is successful, the Company will have a multi-million dollar opportunity in renewable energy.

The Company's ultracapacitor technology combines nanoparticles with common carbon sheets for a low cost, easy-to-implement process that improves the performance of ultracapacitors as clean energy storage devices. The enhanced ultracapacitors are simpler, cheaper and longer lasting than conventional devices, including some batteries, but perform just as well for many applications including renewable energy.

About SolRayo, LLC

SolRayo, LLC is a Madison, Wisconsin-based company that provides enhanced electrodes for ultracapacitor applications. SolRayo is a subsidiary of Enable IPC Corporation.

About Enable IPC Corp. (Intellectual Property Commercialization)

Enable IPC ( provides efficient, streamlined strategies for turning technologies into products and bringing them to market. The company seeks to turn technologies into products and is a transparent, fair turnkey partner for sub-licensing and joint development with other companies.

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