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In response to several requests, we are providing a link to a copy of the $2.5 million judgement in favor of SolRayo, Inc. and against Steven Oshinsky.

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Below are some questions and answers that some investors may be curious about. If you have a question or comment that is not addressed below, send us an email.


About Enable IPC Corporation

Who are Enable IPC's officers and directors?

A list with links to their bios can be found here.

What does the IPC in Enable IPC stand for?

“Intellectual Property Commercialization.”

When and where was Enable IPC incorporated?

March 17, 2005 in Delaware.

When is Enable IPC's fiscal year end?

March 31.

When is the annual shareholder meeting?

The date, time and location of the next annual shareholders' meeting is still to be announced.

Will Enable IPC publish revenue/profit projections?

Not at this time, but we may in the future.

Is Enable IPC a “nanotechnology” company?

This depends on one's definition of “nanotechnology.” The US National Nanotechnology Initiative defines it as work “in the length scale of approximately 1-100 nanometer range.” Under that definition we certainly do qualify. However, other definitions speak of molecular manufacturing; we use more conventional techniques for manufacture and would not qualify as a nanotech company under that definition.


About Enable IPC Stock

Do you have a stock symbol?

Our stock symbol is EIPC and trades on the pink sheets. When requesting a quote, some programs require you to enter the symbol as "EIPC.PK". You can obtain a delayed quote from OTC Markets by clicking here.

How many shares are authorized, how many are issued and outstanding and what is the par value?

250,000,000 common shares and 10,000,000 preferred are authorized. The par value of each is $0.001 per share.

As of December 2014: 242 million common shares and 530 preferred were issued and outstanding.

How can I buy stock?

You may purchase shares on the open market by contacting your broker or stock purchase service.

What is a transfer agent? Who is Enable IPC's transfer agent? I lost my certificate / need to transfer shares / need to submit an address change, etc.

A transfer agent is a regulated entity that keeps track of the individuals and organizations that own a company's stock and bonds. They handle most issues relating to certificates, shareholder tracking, voting, etc. Enable IPC's transfer agent is Interwest Transfer Company. Their contact information is:

Interwest Transfer Company, Inc.
1981 Murray Holladay Road, Suite 100
Salt Lake City, UT 84117
T: (801) 272-9294
F: (801) 277-3147

What is a CUSIP number and what is Enable IPC's CUSIP?

CUSIP is an acronym for Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures. The CUSIP system is operated by Standard & Poor's. Enable IPC's common stock CUSIP number is 29247W 10 1.

Why does Enable IPC stock go up / down / stay the same?

We have a strict company policy that we will make no comment as to stock performance, unless we are advised to do so by legal counsel.

“I read on the web / on a message board...?”

We generally do not respond to message board postings. Our past experience tells us that attempting to respond to every little thing posted by an individual who may or may not have an agenda of his or her own is simply a waste of our resources. We want to concentrate on commercializing our products and making the company a success.

That being said, if something is written about us that is not true and can be proven to cause us harm, we may respond through legal channels, if necessary.

The following methods are the only ways to obtain reliable information about Enable IPC:
- literature from the company itself (including this website)
- our public filings (which may be found here), and/or
- the following social media sites, which serve as information outlets for Enable IPC Corporation:





If you want to find out about a specific issue, send us a message and we will be happy to respond.


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